Current Programs


GWI is currently conducting environmental assessments in Burundi, Ethiopia, South Soudan, Cote d'Ivoire and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, countries in which the environment has been and continues to be a factor contributing to social conflict.

Through its international noble action-Learn, Share and Thrive, focused on ex-combatants, war victims, women and children in need, GWI inspires global researchers and provides water technical training to ex-combatants and members of communities in which they live.

GWI encourages Universities worldwide to become involved in its water-related programs for Research and Development. The main research topics are, but not limited to: "Water for Peace and Development," "Reintegration of ex-combatants through Water programs," "Global Water Policy," "Conflict Prevention through Water Access and Sanitation," "Water Acces for Human Security," "Water Rights,"  Water Acces and Conflict," and "the Impact of Climate Change on Water."

GWI focuses its commitment on countries in post-conflict situation in order to have the greatest impact on the reintegration of demobilized forces, the full access to water by primary schools, health centers and all communities.

GWI also responds to governments looking for improving their water governance with external hands-on in terms of water policy and technical reform.