Happy World Water Day 2016

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of Global Water Institute (GWI), I wish you a Happy World Water Day 2016.
Our theme this year: Consume Quality Water, Eat Organic. The consumption of high-nitrate drinking water/eating food is dangerous to human and environmental health.

Governments worldwide ought to initiate much stronger regulatory systems for domestic water supplies that set limit to 50mg of Nitrate per 1Liter of water consumption (50mg/L) and for chemical fertilizers.

The idea of this theme is not insignificant. Since I got back to work in Africa in late 2014, I realized that farmers from rural and urban settings, use chemical fertilizers with disproportionate measures. It then seemed urgent to orient GWI-Burundi toward a new strategy based on Bio-organic Farming (BF). Choosing BF requires quality water free from high rate of nitrates’ level. Click here to read more...

Too much fertilizer in the soil is a source of high levels of nitrates. The presence of excess nitrates in water is an indicator of agricultural pollution due to fertilizers used excessively in farming. The dysfunctional urban waste water treatment is also the source of the high content of nitrates in tap water consumed by most indigenous who cannot afford the price of a bottled water.

The World Health Organization-WHO recommends the threshold of 50mg/L Nitrates content in water intended for human consumption. Unfortunately, almost all governments in Africa do not have nitrates directives to reduce this harmful pollution to human and environmental health.

At GWI-Burundi, we believe that, while BF benefits from quality water, the opposite is also true. GWI-Burundi has overcome its first phase of experimenting organic farming. It now launches its commercialization phase.

Although our organic products are of very limited in quantity, we hope, under a better climate and off the Burundian political crisis, to conduct awareness campaigns and do extension of our BF techniques through our experimental farming, and training to farmers.

We also hope to find financial partners to achieve our BF project successfully and sustainably.

On behalf of my team to GWI, I wish you good luck in your respective endeavors.


Valerie Ndaruzaniye, GWI President

Valerie Ndaruzaniye
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