Water and Environmental Security for Conflict Prevention in Times of Climate Change

Water and Environmental Security in Times of Climate Change

Current environmental challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa may be a source of future environmental insecurity leading to social and political conflict. With a changing climate and resources such as water becoming more scarce, there is a risk for greater competition over natural resources.

Science predicts that in the near future climate change will affect the world in unprecedented ways, and Africa will be one of the most severely impacted continents. Climate change is likely to have disastrous impacts on the social, economic, environmental and political prosperity of the continent. Some estimates predict that by 2050 average temperatures will rise by 1.5 to 3°C, floods and droughts will become more common and rain-fed agriculture will be reduced by 50%. Further research is however needed in the area of conflict prevention strategies.


Florence Lozet and Edou Kim
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