Welcome to Global Water Institute

Global Water Institute (GWI) is the first organization in the world that assists demobilized forces, using water-related programme activities for their reintegration for the purpose of conflict prevention and sustainable economic development.

GWI works with demobilised and ex-combatants in post-conflicts countries. The organization uses water related programmes as a driving tool to protect the environment and prevent social conflict, thereby providing citizens with security and stability.

GWI focuses primarily on post-conflict countries in Africa, as most known social conflicts in the region resulted from unfair distribution of natural resources, including water and land.

GWI's belief is that, it is only when a nation can ensure proper environmental security coupled with stability for its citizens that the sustainable economic development is possible.

While GWI's programmes have the ultimate goal of preventing social conflict and consolidating regional peace by reintegrating demobilized forces, it also calls upon democratic participation including deprived populations in its water-related programs.

One of the GWI's objectives is to attract a large network of affiliated scholars focusing their expertise on water and sanitation, environmental protection, conflict prevention and peace-building, sustainable development, and environmental security and human stability.

GWI is working in developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan African post-conflict countries, where environmental security and societal stability are most needed.

GWI is based in Brussels and has its partners' satellites in Sub-Saharan Africa.